Political Campaigns


It’s election season and you’re part of the campaign committee for a candidate. You are going to need to wow voters in order to rack up the votes. All of the candidates credentials are golden and with a spotless record, the candidate is sure to be a hit. You just need some small reminders for the public to reinforce their decision to vote for your candidate.

With a rally you’ll want practical and easy items, like lip balm to keep lips from chapping during cold weather and to protect them from sunburn all year long. A lanyard is great, too, because rally goers can use it at the event and can show it to others afterward to promote the cause even further.

School Board Campaign
If your candidate is running for a local position, like school board president, you can sway voters with school related goodies, like pencils and rulers. Kids can use them and so can adults, so appealing to the masses is a cinch.

Mayoral Campaign
Running for mayor is a difficult campaign, so practical and catchy products are probably the best bet in this case. Pens are handy and everyone always needs one. A logoed towel is a bit of a bigger item and tells voters your candidate is ready to invest in their cause. Lollipops are fun and have that mass appeal that’s important in a political campaign.

Presidential Campaign
For a really big-ticket campaign, think presidential. Gifts should be a little more unique. A leather bookmark can say your candidate is one in a million. A tin of breath mints can give voters a fresh perspective on the issues. Or, something more conventional works to show that your candidate is down to earth, like a handy magnetic calendar for the fridge or filing cabinet. They won’t forget the date to get out there and vote!

Button - 3" Octagon Shape Chipboard Button
School Board Campaign
Patriotic Pencil
Vinyl Plastic Ruler
Mayoral Campaign
Emissary Click Pen - USA Theme
15" x 18" Poly Blend Rally Towel
Dum Dum Lollipop with Flag
Presidential Campaign
Political Magnetic Car/Truck/Auto/Vehicle Signs - 24x12 Roun
Flag Pop-Up Calendar
Star Shaped Credit Card Mints
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